Acrylic on canvas 14”x18” (350mm x 457mm). Painted from 14/6/20 - 1/7/20.


Emily is a party fish. To be honest, most of the fish that live in her neighbourhood are. It’s a very lively part of the sea. The warm tropical waters allow for gatherings that go on long into the night and that attract the more full-on elements of aquatic life. Emily grew up there but many fish travel from far and wide to experience probably the best under water parties on planet Dooda. 


Every evening after having her last munch on some tasty roob, a kind of algae that contains everything she needs to dance the night away, she gets ready for the party. Once she’s got that night’s outfit on, she’ll test her light show. She has a laser, protruding from above her eye, with colourful lights that spin around it. A lot of the other fish have similar lighting set ups and they get together to put on the nights light show. 


Emily also plays music from her back fins. Her sound is similar to a flugelhorn. She always does a little warm up, playing a couple of her favourite tunes, before heading out to meet up with friends and shake her tail fin. She loves to play to a funky beat but she also loves jazz, ska and anything with a fat brassy sound, and she’ll get stuck in.


Everyone gets involved in the parties. Most of the aquatic life on Dooda can generate musical sounds. Crustaceans are particularly good at keeping a beat and many create beautiful bass sounds. Testudines have high pitched voices and love to sing together in a chorus, molluscs tend to be good at percussion and the cephalopods create amazing swirling sounds. The colours, sounds and movement created at these parties is a sight to behold.


Emily lives in an area known as Cad Baa. It’s an archipelago with about 800 islands of varying sizes and Emily tends to hang out around the outer lying islands. That’s where the best parties are. They seem to attract her kind of crowd, her kind of music. 


If you ever get yourself to planet Dooda, then I would highly recommend checking it out. We have the technology to turn you into a fish for a couple of days, so, there’s nothing stopping you.


Emily (The Party Fish) - (Painting)


    © 2020 Dave Randall.

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