Chapter 1: An Introduction to Planet Dooda

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

As a way of introducing planet Dooda, I thought to show you three paintings I made of objects from this beautiful planet. They are 2D representations of 3D objects. Collectively they became AUM, an extremely powerful device that played a major role in releasing Doodarians from a dystopian nightmare. AUM stands for Aktu-Uloomu-Mbasa, and are named after the three main Gods in ancient Shinza* mythology.

These three paintings, Aktu, Uloomu and Mbasa are my interpretations. All over Dooda you will find these images, painted on walls, carved into stone, projected onto walls and made into stunning, stained glass windows. They are made into stickers and printed onto clothing. They are iconic images for the people of planet Dooda, as they are a reminder of their struggle for freedom.

Mbasa - Acrylic on canvas (30cm x 30cm).

AUM could create anything seemingly out of thin air. AUM was a kind of nano printer/scanner. It could read the nano structure of any inanimate object and then replicate it. AUM could also create a high vibrational force field. This prevented lower vibrational forces from entering AUM’s field of influence. This played a massive role in nullifying the controlling forces of darkness. Basically, AUM helped the people of Dooda to transform from a divided, warring people into the harmonious, joyous and loving people that they still are today.

Uloomu - Acrylic on canvas (30cm x 30cm).

It was almost 1,000 years ago that an event happened that is known in Doodarian folklore as The Great Transformation. The AUM technology had been created by a group of underground scientists, artists, musicians and mystics. They called themselves the Shinzanzee in honour of the Shinza people who harboured them. They were part of the resistance movement that fought against a ruthless cabal that had taken control of Planet Dooda. The Shinzanzee’s goal was the emancipation of all Doodarians.

Aktu - Acrylic on canvas (30cm x 30cm).

Dooda had been taken over by a race of people known as the Naki. The Naki travel the universe seeking out planets that they can control. They extract all they can from that planet and, either get kicked off by the natives, or leave the planet to die. They are ruthless but highly intelligent. They look similar to Doodarians but are generally taller, have lighter skin pigmentation and have slightly larger heads. They chose to breed with Doodarians so that their offspring would fit in and could mingle and eventually take control over Dooda. It took them over 3,000 years to finally impose a world government on people that once roamed freely all around this beautiful planet.

Map of Planet Dooda.

By that time, they had managed to herd the majority of the people into cities. These cities were vast but were basically open prisons. You could only leave your city if your social credit score was high enough. To get a high score you had to fully comply with all regulations and have no black marks against you. Although people were effectively imprisoned within their city walls, these cities were fun places, with plenty to do for locals and tourist alike. Giving people fun distractions was key to keeping them subjugated. Every citizen was fully tracked and the system knew everything about you. Those that didn’t fully give up their sovereignty were treated very badly. Non compliance meant living in squalor and the constant threat of the internment camps, which no one ever came back from.

Most Doodarians had no idea they were imprisoned slaves of the Naki. They spent their lives in a hypnotic trance, believing their masters version of reality. For those that woke from their slumber, there was a rebel network that helped get them out of these cities. Escaping was dangerous, but doable, and many scientist that had previously been working for the Naki had escaped and found their way to the Shinzanzee mountains.

This rugged mountain range proved an excellent hideaway from the Naki. The mountains had many ancient tunnel systems and caves. This region had been occupied for thousands of years by the Shinza tribal people. Were it not for their help, the scientists plan would not have been possible.

The Naki had advanced technology that they kept only for themselves. But they had used Doodarian scientists to create it. Some of the scientists that had successfully worked on the creation of a nano printer for the Naki, had managed to escape and had found their way to the Shinzanzee mountains. Their knowledge, coupled with that of a group of artists and musicians, and charged with the mystical traditions of the Shinza people, coalesced into the creation of AUM.

AUM was different from the nano printer that the Naki had. AUM worked with resonance. For the AUM to work, you needed to be in the right frame of mind. Your heart must be open and your head clear of distracting thoughts. Your focus must only be on the things you wish to manifest. Thinking about a knife so that you can go and kill your enemy would render AUM useless.

AUM was successfully deployed in de-programming, protecting, and raising the vibration of those held captive by the Naki. AUM helped break the hypnotic spell cast on the Doodarian people and gave them the inner strength to demand that the Naki stand down. It took a while for that to happen but eventually the Naki realised their time as overlords of Dooda was up and they left the planet.

Once they had gone, Dooda transformed into the remarkable planet that it is today. And it is remarkable, at least to our standards. They haven't had a war in almost 1,000 years, life expectancy is currently around 200 years, money doesn't exist, they want for nothing and they spend their lives exploring their inner and outer realities. They know that the outer world is a mirror of their inner world. They see God in every thing and every being. They are a humble, grateful and joyous people. They believe that they are all one and that causing harm to another is causing harm to oneself.

Quite a transformation from their lives under the Naki. The story of that transformation is one that I will tell through short stories to come. But for now I want to tell you about Shinzanzee. It's a 4 day celebration held everywhere on Dooda to celebrate The Great Transformation and is named after the group of rebels that created the AUM. During Shinzanzee, the story of The Great Transformation is told through music, theatre, song, poetry, dance, art and through ceremonies that culminate in wild, all night parties. Everyone is reminded of how life was under the Naki and that helps them appreciate what they have now, and to avoid ever going back there. Shinzanzee is a celebration of their freedom. And Shinzanzee instills an incredible desire to keep making it work, to stay on the right path and to keep the party going.

And so life on Dooda is very pleasant now, and a lot of fun. They have organised themselves into a beautifully harmonious collections of villages. One of the first things that happened with the Naki gone, was that people started leaving the cities to get closer to nature.

Now, everyone lives in villages that have no more that 150 inhabitants at any one time. Everyone is required to do a minimum of 3 hours of work for their community. This means that each village has up to 450 hours of work each week, providing for the upkeep and general running of each village. In return, food, clothing and shelter are provided by the village to all who live there.

To give you a glimpse of life on Dooda, I'm going to focus in on a one region, known as Mbam Bam. The 33 villages that make up Mbam Bam are situated around the beautiful Lake Bam. The region has a population of around 10,000. The villages are nestled within a vast, lush green forest, close to the foothills of the Shinzanzee mountains.

Life on Dooda beats to the rhythm of the moon and every full-moon is marked in some way. The Mbamba, as they are known, are preparing for one such full moon celebration. All around one side of Lake Bam is a permanent festival site. At the centre of this site is a beautiful amphitheatre. Dooda's 3 day full-moon festivals generally start off with a play or musical. The Mbamba have created an all singing, all dancing musical to celebrate this moon’s theme, the element of water. Throughout this festival, different expressions of love and gratitude will be offered to water, in many forms. Everyone plays a part in these festivities, as they want to have the most fun possible for those three days. An incredible array of gorgeous food and drinks are prepared and the DJ's, musicians, artists and performers are getting themselves ready to put on the best show they can.

The Mbamba, as with all Doodarians, start the day just before sunrise. By sunrise they are all in their village squares, come rain or shine, to do their morning exercise routine. This consists of a range of yoga, dance and martial arts movements to energise and invigorate and get them ready for the day. This is followed by meditation, prayer and then light refreshments.

And then everyone gets on with their mission for the day. Food, all locally grown and prepared with love, is provided throughout the day. This allows the artists, musicians and performers to focus fully on their art. The Mbamba are known for their outrageously experimental festivals. They are a playful bunch and they love expressing that through their choice of colour, form, sound and movement. You can be sure that this festival will be spectacular, Doodarians have come to expect that.

I hope this gives you a wee insight into life on planet Dooda and that you will want to hear more about it in the future. You can follow me on Instagram or Facebook. And if you wish to help fund me you can always buy something from my shop or support me through Patreon. Thank you.

* The Shinza are an ancient people from the Shinzanzee mountains. They managed to fend off the Naki in their many attempts to subjugate the Doodarians.

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