Art Events

Art events are a great way to enjoy something different with a group of friends, and a great way to explore a side of you that may have been left dormant for a while. Most of the people that have participated have not painted since their school days and yet the work they have produced is superb. I help by showing you where you may be going wrong, keeping you on track and giving encouragement. Many peoples experience of art in school was not very encouraging but I have found that most people excel when given the right motivation.

Picasso & Prosecco

Picasso & Prosecco art events are great fun and meant for anyone of any ability from beginners to experienced artists. The Prosecco part is of course optional but it can add to the experience. It's great to celebrate your achievements with a drink. Each session lasts for up to 3 hours.

Everything you need is provided, including a 12in x 16in canvas, acrylic paint, brushes, aprons and protective cloths. 

You can book a session via the Book Online button.

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