Dave's Art Club

I've set up Dave's Art Club to help others access their inner artist. Many of us don't know that we have an inner artist and many will deny it even exists in them, but it does. We all have an inner artist and we can all invoke it into action. Unfortunately many of us were not encouraged to find it or even had it suppressed. So now, during this lockdown, we have the perfect opportunity to connect or reconnect with this precious part of ourselves. Art is fun, but many people see it as a hard work. We have a lot of judgement around art, we want our creations to be good but isn't it all subjective? If our inner critic is pushing us to improve our line or tonal range, to get the light better on the next piece of work, then fine but if it's stopping us from even starting then we must address it.

My aim is to post videos that show how to create things that are fun to make and to encourage a playfulness in your work. I have also set up a Facebook page to showcase art and artists that inspire me. Check it out and please feel free to post your artwork or the work of others that inspire you. https://www.facebook.com/groups/160685595265579 

© 2020 Dave Randall.

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