About me

My work is an eclectic mix of tribal, Mayan, psychedelic, surreal, abstract and geometric art. I work in a variety of media from digital art packages such as Abode Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, and Procreate to oil, acrylic, pastels and watercolours as well as large scale installations. I aim to bring a sense of joy and playfulness with my art.

A mission of mine is to help others connect to their inner artist. We all have one, but many of us are in denial. I believe I can find it in anyone. I have set up Dave's Art Club as a YouTube channel and Facebook group to help further this.

I teach art, one to one and in groups sessions. I put on art events such as 'Paint a Picasso Portrait' and 'Picasso and Prosecco'. I am also a part of Creative Minds, a nationwide social enterprise that delivers fun and therapeutic art sessions to older adults and adults with learning difficulties. Most of my clients are in care homes and residential homes but I also deliver sessions to support groups, hospitals, and charities. Please get in touch through the contact page if you would like to know more about my art sessions. And check out my Creative Minds Facebook page.

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© 2020 Dave Randall.

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